Design 1


The first example of good design that I noticed in my everyday life items was a chapstick. The chapstick is a small cylinder shape with a flat base allowing it to be placed on a table upstanding or into my pocket easily. The size of the lip balm accompanied by the shape of it allows it to be very travel-friendly which is a quite important feature of the product.

You can see that the cap of the chapstick is to be taken off quite clearly as it is not covered by the label. The cap comes off easily and fits back without any extra effort. The ridges on the bottom that are also uncovered by the label signify that this section is used to grip and twist.

The material used to house the substance is a hard plastic shell that is durable enough to withstand all sorts of falls. Lip balms have various another methods in which it can be applied and that is via the tin cases where you apply it with your finger, or via a tube in which you also use your finger. The reason I initially switched and have stayed loyal to this design is due to the fact you do not need to use your finger and have any leftover lip balm on your finger.