Design 2


The second item that I use on a daily basis that is designed very well is my wireless keyboard. It is battery operated and is connected to my PC via a small Bluetooth dongle that is only about a centimeter wide and long. The keyboard has the full qwerty keyboard layout with the exclusion of a number pad on the right side of the keyboard.

The section with the number pad is replaced with a touchpad and the normal right and left click buttons. There is also the inclusion of a right click button at the top left side of the keyboard which allows you to almost grip the whole keyboard and use it as a giant mouse. The shape is very slim and the item is very light checking all the boxes for an ideal wireless keyboard.

They have also placed 3 large buttons above the touchpad, all of which control the volume settings of the PC. One to mute, another to increase the volume and the last to decrease the volume. The design choice for the volume buttons are what makes me love the product, it targets the one thing that can be overly disturbing and gives you instant control over it.