Design 3


The third item that I appreciate the design of more once focusing on it is the Samsung fast charge plug for phones. The plug comes with a detachable USB wire. This allows for the plug to be used regardless of the wire becoming damaged which is often the case when it comes to chargers becoming broken. The charger is also a different shape than the usual chargers we’re used to. The charger shape is more of a cuboid with rounded corners. This design choice combined with the ability to hide the top pin in the classic 3 pin UK plugs allows me to easily slip the charger into my pocket or bag without it causing any discomfort.

The charger itself is mostly made of plastic with a nice gloss finish. Due to it being made mostly of plastic this allows the charger to be very light and portable. This also means the charger is fairly durable.

Everything else about the product is quite simple and to the point. It states it is a fast charger on the top of the charger and the USB slot is easily discoverable.