Instagram is the new single by R&B and Pop artist DEΔN. It was released on December 26th, 2017. The song sound features a slow melancholic guitar melody with slow beats throughout. Instagram is about the social media platform, as the title tells us, but has a deeper meaning, about sometimes feeling alone, depressed, and insecure within today’s digital age.

In an interview with 1theK , DEΔN explains the inspiration for the song by saying, “The thing is, I often feel depressed when I got on Instagram. I follow people that I look up to and people that I like, compared to those people I feel infinitely small and lacking” In the same interview, he describes the song as, “A song that gives out the vibe of ‘Robinson Crusoe’ living in the city”

Due to the rather depressing and personal nature of the song. After much attempts with other fonts, I decided to settle on a handwritten font to make it feel as personal as possible. It truly is a song that when you hear it makes you relaxed and the melody is very catchy, yet the lyrics are very unnervingly relateable and revealing of the troubles/dangers of social media.